2018-19 IIHF World Junior Championship

Tournament Record 2-13-1 (-13.55u)

January 4, 2018 (0-2 -4.4u)
USA / Russia Over 5 1/2 -120 (1.2u to win 1)
Switzerland +2 1/2 -160 (3.2u to win 2)

December 31, 2018 (0-2 -2.1u)
Kazakhstan / Sweden Over 7 1/2 -110 (1.1u to win 1)
Canada / Russia Over 6 1/2 +100 (1u to win 1)

December 29, 2018 (0-3 -2.75u)
Slovakia +2 1/2 -110 (1.1u to win 1) L
Czech Republic / Canada Over 7 1/2 -115 (1.15u to win 1) L
USA -1 1/2 +180 (0.5u to win 0.9u) L

December 28, 2018 1-1  (E)
Russia -1 1/2 +160 (1u to win 1.6) L
USA / Kazakhstan Over 9 -115 (1.15u to win 1) W

December 27, 2018 0-4-1 (-4.3u)
Russia / Denmark Over 7 -110 (1.1u to win 1) L
Sweden -3 +110 (1u to win 1.1) P
Slovakia / Sweden Under 6 1/2 -110 (1.1u to win 1) L
Switzerland / Canada Over 7 -110 1/2 (1.1u to win 1) L
Finland / Kazakhstan Over 7 1/2 +100 (1u to win 1) L

December 26, 2018 1-1 (-0.1u)
Canada / Denmark Over 9 1/2 -110 (1.1u to win 1) W
Sweden / Finland Over 5 1/2 -110 (1.1u to win 1) L

2018 Spengler Cup

Tournament Record 5-3 (+2.65u)

December 29, 2018 (1-1 -0.05u)
Metallurg Magnitogorsk / Numberg Over 5 1/2 -105 (1.05u to win 1) L
Davos -120 (1.2u to win 1) W

December 28, 2018 (2-1 +0.8u)
Kalpa +1 1/2 -130 (1.3u to win 1) W
Kalpa / Metallurg Magnitogorsk Over 5 1/2 -120 (1.2u to win 1) L
Canada / Numberg Over 5 1/2 -130 (1.3u to win 1) W

December 27, 2018 2-1 (+1.9u)
Kalpa -105 (1.05u to win 1) W
Kalpa / Trinec Over 5 1/2 -110 (1.1u to win 1) L
Davos -170 (3.4u to win 2) W

2018-19 KHL Plays

September 14, 2018
Salavat Ulaev UFA / AK Bars Kazan Under 5 1/2 -143 (1.43u to win 1)

September 8, 2018
SKA St Petersburg / Salavat Ulaev UFA Over 5 1/2 +110 (1u to win 1.1)

September 7, 2018
Jokerit -1 1/2 -125 (1.25u to win 1) WON
Spartak Moscow -1 1/2 +165 (1u to win 1.65) LOST

September 2, 2018
Dynamo Moscow -112 (1.12u to win 1) LOST
Spartak Moscow -1 1/2 +160 (1u to win 1.6) WIN

September 3, 2018
Jokerit -1 1/2 -105 (2.1u to win 2) WIN

September 1, 2018
Ak Bars Kazan / SKA St Petersburg Under 5 1/2 -145 (1.45u to win 1) LOST

2018 IIHF World Hockey Championship
Record 26-15

May 20, 2018 – Bronze Medal Game

USA / Canada Over 5 1/2 -150

Not the bronze Medal Game expected, Both teams will be greatly disappointed with a loss. These teams played opening day to the score of 5-4. I can’t figure out a reason why this won’t be the case again. Play the over and watch it hit in the second period.

May 19, 2018 – Semi-Finals

Sweden / USA Over 5 1/2 +110

Defiantly the better of the 2 games. The USA scored the most goals in round robin action and also had the #1 Power Play. USA has all the fire power necessary to win this tournament. Sweden will have to keep up on the scoreboard and don’t necessarily have the defense to shit down the States this year. I’m looking for another 4-3 OT like game.

Canada / Switzerland Under 5 1/2 -105

Switzerland is aware that the only chance they have of pulling off this upset is to play sound perfect defense. For that reason I expect the Swiss not to allow many odd many rushes, stay out of the penalty box and block about 50 shots. This should be a low scoring game.

May 17, 2018 – Quarter Finals

Russia / Canada Over 5 1/2 +110

Who doesn’t love when these 2 teams play each other in any international tournament. Both teams had up and down round robin games. Canada got stomped on by Finland and Russia lost a bad game to the Czechs. Both teams will want to open this game up and show off their respective speed. Special teams will have a huge impact on this game and hopefully the total.  Prediction 5-4 in Overtime.

Czech Republic +1 1/2 -150

The Czech Republic went through the entire round robin without losing by more than a goal. They manage to stay in every game they play and pounce on opponent mistakes. They rarely take chances and are odd man rushes don’t exist this team.  The US will be in a hard fought game from puck drop to final whistle. I will gladly pay the -150 to watch the Czechs keep this game close.

Finland -1 1/2 -106

At times Finland has looked like the best team in this tournament. Switzerland accomplished what they wanted to, make the second round. Two teams looking and expecting other outcomes from this tournament. Finland rolls….

Latvia +3 1/2 -130

Just call Latvia the clingers. They play everyone tight and managed to get past the round robin with a last day win against against home squad Denmark. Latvia played into overtime vs Canada and the US. They can easily keep this game from getting out of hand.

May 15, 2018

Finland -105
After a dominating performance against Canada on Saturday, the Fins layed an egg vs germany and now must beat the States to win the group.  In a coin toss type of game, I look for the Fins to pull this off. I might even sprinkle a bite on them -1 1/2.

France +2 1/2 -105
I’m not convinced Switzerland should be a 3 goal favourite against any team besides South Korea. This is strictly a value bet that I would like to take advantage of.

Germany +3 1/2 +105
i know, I know, Germany has screwed me so many times in this tournament. But watching Canada go to OT vs Latvia, there is no reason I can think of that would have them win this game by 4. Canada had a very underwhelming round robin, their position in the standings might be decided even before they take the ice depending on the outcome of the Finland / USA game, another reason I don’t expect a blow out.

Belarus / Slovakia Under 5 1/2 -130
Both teams have been shutout an estonishing 6 times so far. Belarus has played in 4 of those. This team has been nothing but disappointing and now is looking at relegation. Neither team is playing for anything.

Denmark -200
It’s a lot of juice, but on the other hand a lot of games have been going to overtime thus far. This is essentially a game for 4th place here and I will lay the juice with the home team which I feel is also the better team.

May 14, 2018

Russia -2 1/2 -125
Russia should bounce back here after a few lackadaisical games (loss to Czech and squeaker vs Switzerland).  The Russians need 3 points today in order to make tomorrow’s game vs Sweden for 1st lace.

Canada / Latvia Over 6 1/2 -105
Canada was completely dominated vs Finland Over the weekend. In a surprising turning of events, this game could have big quarter final implications. Both teams will probably play wide open.

Czech Republic / Austria Over 5 1/2 -150
Both teams have played to the over in 50% of their games so far.  Austria needs points today and tomorrow to advance.  Look for a wide open game here.

May 13, 2018

Czech Republic -2 1/2 -140
The Czechs have defiantly been my surprise team of the tournament thus far.  Their looking to build off of a big win over Russia. France is just treading water in this tournament. Beating the teams they need to but that’s about it. Czechs roll Sunday morning.

USA -3 1/2 -135
After a sluggish start against Korea, the US eventually won by more than 10. Norway stands little to no chance here.

Germany / Finland Over 5 1/2 +100
Germany continues to disappoint in this tournament. The Fins absolutely owned the Canadians Saturday night. Watch for Finland to pull away early. A late 3rd period goal will get the total over.

May 12, 2018

Germany -150
Germany had a rough start to the tournament. With 1 win in 4 games and only 5 points, sitting in 6th place, just one point behind Latvia.  This is a big game for both teams. Latvia squeezed out a win against Norway to open the tournament but might be looking past this game with a date with Canada up next. I like this spot for Germany.

Denmark / South Korea Over 5 1/2 -160
South Korea has only played in one game that saw only 5 goals. Denmark will want to put on a show for the home fans. Denmark should be able to hit the total on their own here.

Canada / Finland Over 5 1/2 -105
The winner of this game will stay right behind the US for 2nd in the group. Neither team will play a tight checking game. Both teams are averaging over 6 goals scored a game. This is another one of those 4-3 games.

Russia / Switzerland Over 5 1/2 -106
Russia had their first hiccup at the hands of the Czech Republic earlier this week. Switzerland lost earlier in the tournament to the Czechs as well. Russia is averaging just Under 5 goals a game.  I  expect them to at least get 4 here.

May 11, 2019

Denmark -1 1/2 -118
The host nation takes on a Norway team who has failed to score in their last 2 games (Canada and Finland). Denmark is flying high off a big win against a strong Finland squad and looking to build off that momentum. If you can, I would go as far as looking for a -2 1/2 line here.

Belarus / Czech Republic Over 5 1/2 -118
Belarus is yet to play in a game that didn’t see at least 5 goals scored. The Czechs just pulled off an incredible overtime win against the Russians that saw them score 4 goals. All 3 Czech wins have come in extra time, this one can easily be 3-3 after 60 minutes.

USA / South Korea over 8 1/2 -120
South Korea is averaging over 7 goals against a game. USA now sits in a tie a top group B with Canada, the difference being Canada +20 and USA +9, the Americans know this and will run up the score in this one. Canada scores 10 against South Korea there is no reason the US can’t do the same.

May 10, 2018

USA / Latvia Over 5 1/2 -140
The USA was coming off back to back shutouts before their 2 day break. It’s hard to find rest days in this tournament but riding a three game win streak it seemed like an in opportune time for a break. Watch for the Americans to try and open up their game and reassert their dominance. A 7-0, 7-1 game would not surprise me here against Latvia.

Norway / Canada Over 6 1/2 -125
The night games in this tournament has seen goals, goals and more goals. Canada is averaging 7 goals a game, while Norway is averaging over 4 goals against a game.  Canada needs to keep pace with Finland and USA.

May 9, 2018

Germany / South Korea Over 5 1/2 -130
South Korea has allowed 23 goals in 3 games. Germany has looked like a shell of the silver medal Olympic team. This should be a wide open game. Both teams already looking up the standings, this could have relegation implications. 4-3 final wouldn’t surprise me at all here.

Sweden / Austria Over 6 1/2 -125
Sweden is 3-0 to start the tournament and Austria only has one point. One point ahead of last place Belarus. Austria knows they need to pick up the pace and score some goals and soon.  Sweden will look to pick apart the Austrians as they take chances throughout the Game. This could easily be 6-1, 7-1 type of game.

May 8, 2018

Finland / Norway Over 5 1/2 -115
Finland has scored 8 goals in each of their first 2 games, yes it was against Korea and Latvia but they still put the puck in the net at will.  Why would Norway be able to change this? Norways first 2 games saw totals of 5 and 9 against Latvia and Germany, both lesser talented than Finland.  I saw sit back and watch this total hit in the second period.

May 7, 2018

Russia -3 1/2 -110
Russia has looked the part of a gold medal Olympic team so far. They have yet to give up a goal and I have no reason to think Belarus can keep this game close. Look for another 7-0 performance from the Russians.

USA -2 1/2
i really thought the Germans would be better prepared and that their silver medal was not a ‘fluke’. Well shame on me. Loses to Denmark and Norway see the Germans 0-2 early in this tournament. USA has had a day off since their convincing win against Denmark. Look for the Americans to roll here.

May 6, 2018

Austria / Russia Over 6 1/2 -125
Another typical first round mismatch. Russia should score even more than they did against France.

Canada / South Korea Over 7 1/2 -150
As expected, South Korea offers zero threat in this tournament. Unable to keep it remotely close against Finland. I expect more of the same.

Germany -170
Germany ralleyed in the 3rd to salvage a point on Friday. They did look really good at times against Denmark. Norway on the other hand blew a 2 goal lead against Latvia. This game should be tightly contested with Germany pulling away at the end.

Finland -2 1/2 +100
Finland got the nice cup cake game against South Korea to open the tournament, however they knew what they had to do any never laid off the gas, cruising to a 8-1 won. Next up is Latvia who scrapped a comeback victory together against Norway. Finland looks to continue to roll in game 2 of the round robin.

Switzerland -130
Slovakia blew a great opportunity to start 0-1 but instead gave up a last minute goal and an overtime goal to the Czech Republic. This is a typical Swiss game where they usually win 2–1.

May 4, 2018

Finland -4 1/2 -125
South Korea qualified for the top division on the last day of last years 1A Tournament.  They will use this tournament for many of their players to gain more experience, and that’s about all.  They will be over powered much of the tournament and will most likely see them playing for their tournament life in the regulation stages.  Much like I expect Russia to do a day earlier, Finland should walk away with this one.

USA / Denmark Over 5 1/2 -115

Both team won in shootout last night. USA 5-4 Over Canada and Denmark 3-2 Over Germany. USA looked much more comfortable in a high flying game vs Canada than Denmark did against Germany in a close checking affair.  USA will have the edge here up and down the 4 lines. They will push the pace leaving themselves vulnerable to odd man rushes, Here is where Denmark will capitalize. Prediction 5-3 USA.

May 3, 2018

Russia / France Over 5 1/2
Russia is going to benefit from the KHL play-offs being done early this year.  Looking to build off of their ‘gold’ medal in Korea, I expect this Russian team to come out and score at will.  France did make huge strides last year with big wins over Finland and Switzerland, but it would be a tall task for anyone to open the tournament against Russia.

Germany -112
Basically a pick’em here against Denmark.  Germany shocked the world with a silver medal performance in the Olympics, even with NHLers absent from the Olympics no one saw a silver medal. Denmark wins the goalie match up here but that’s about it. Germany should have the special teams and on the Olympic size ice, Special teams can and will win you games.

April 23, 2018

Lithuania / Romania Over 5 1/2 -115
Both teams were anything but impressive in game 1. Romania was able to keep their game close vs Ukraine, while Lithuania won sloppy game against a surprisingly sluggish Croatia team. Both teams will expect stronger performances.

Australia / Iceland Over 5 1/2 -150
Sticking with my system of these lower tier tournaments and the over. Most teams concentrate on their goal differential, as there isn’t a play-off round in this tournament. Neither team will ‘feel each other out’ they will run and gun and try to put as many pucks as possible in the net. I will most likely only playing overs in this tournament when it comes to total plays.

April 22, 2018

AK Bars Kazan -102
AK Bars wins the KHL championship in front of a home crowd in 5 games.  A small underdog in every game this series.

Vaxjo Lakers -175
It seems like its been a month since Vaxjo has lost a game.  Looking to sweep Skelleftea for the SHL championship.  The Lakers have just rolled Skell this week, 7-0, 4-1, 4-0.  They are defiantly the better team and should take this with ease.

Great Britain / Slovenia Over 5 1/2 +120
GB plays their first game in D1A after winning D1B last season.  Much of the same team from 2017 is back, however look for them to be out matched by a Slovenia team that recently played in the Olympics and would very much like to prove there belong in the top division.

Romania / Ukraine Over 7 1/2 -118
Ukraine opened as a -4 1/2 favourite and i talked myself out of it.  I expect to see goals, goals and more goals. Romania was a nice story winning D2 last season and advancing but they were anything but expected to. I would look at the over in every Romania game throughout this tournament and make a play on it.  Ukraine gets their first crack and i expect a blow out.
Croatia +1 1/2 +100

Earlier in the week, Croatia looked good in their warm up exhibition games.  Anytime a team is getting a goal at even money against a team that struggles to score like Lithuania, you have to play it.

Georgia / Chinese Taipei  Over 7 1/2 -130
A lot on the line entering the last day of the tournament.  Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey all tied for first.  Bulgaria and Turkey face off later in the day, so look for Georgia to go balls to the wall. Knowing they must run up the score to have any shoot, this game should be wide open.

April 20, 2018


Spain / New Zealand Over 7 1/2 -112

Winner of this game is promoted to the D2 tournament next year.  I suspect this will be a wide open game to end the tournament.  Both teams will push for the opportunity to take this ‘championship’ game. Not very often does the last game of the tourney determine the champ.

April 19, 2018

Czech Republic 

Game 4 – Under 5 1/2 -175



Israel / Spain Over 7 1/2

Expected to see this at 9 1/2. Spain has scored and scored at will. If this game stays under double digits, I would be surprised.

April 18, 2018



Finals Game 3 – Under 4 1/2 -130

AK have been great on the road in these Play-offs. Taking both games at home as small underdogs, see them go on the road with a 2-0 lead. CSKA will have problems scoring. Wouldn’t be surprised with another 2-1 game.

Czech Republic

Finals Game 3 – Under 5 1/2 -170k

April 17, 2018




Spain / Mexico Over 8 1/2 -118

Sticking with the overs in this tournament, Spain scores at will, (25 goals in 2 games) Mexico is in for a world of hurt.


Bulgaria -1 1/2 +135

Last time Bulgaria played Georgia, they won 9-3. A small play at + money here for me.



CSKA Moscow -12

CSKA cruised to first overall during the euro league regular season. Look for them to take full advantage at home vs a lesser Khimki squad.

April 16, 2018


Chinese Taipei / Hong Kong Over 7 1/2 -118
Bulgaria / South Africa Over 7 1/2 -118
I lean towards the over in all these lower tournament games. I tend to make smaller plays on these but Plays nevertheless.

KHL Finals Game 2
Under 4 1/2 -130
In total KHL finals fashion I expect another tight checking affair with scoring chances at a premium. AK took game one at home 2-1, look for another 2-1 game.

Lugano -135
After falling 0-2 in this series, Lugano on home ice wins their first of the series.

April 15/2018


IIHF Men’s D2
Luxembourg / Spain Over 13 1/2
Spain put up 15 with ease against North Korea yesterday, Luxembourg is defiantly not much better.

Czech Republic
Extraliga – Trinec -125
After a stellar game 1 it’s hard not Play Trinec again at the small -125 number.

April 14/2018

KHL – AK Bars Kazan +140
The home Under dog in game 1 is always worth a plus money bet in my opinion.

Czech Republic
Extraliga – Trinic -118