NFC & AFC Championship Squares

Sunday January 30, 2022

Sign Up Instructions

AFC Championship $5 per Square, No Limit
NFC Championship $5 per Square, No Limit
Send Payment to via Interac E-Transfer or Paypal
Square # Request(s) (1-100)
Note: First Come, First Serve

Championship Weekend Squares 


SOLD OUT!!!!!!


AFC Championship
$100 1st Quarter SD
$125 Halftime RL
$100 3rd Quarter SD
$175 Final Score (Including Overtime) DM

NFC Championship
$100 1st Quarter JT$
$125 Halftime JM
$100 3rd Quarter BMAC
$175 Final Score (Including Overtime) S_3


Randomizing the Number

Once all 100 squares are sold for each board. will be used to randomize the numbers 1-10 (10 representing zero) for all 3 boards.  The randomization will be screen recorded and loaded to the site.