Who’s Alive and the Teams Selected in 2019

4 Entries Entered in Week 10 and 4 Lost

Pot Split between 4

Week 10 Week 9 Week 8 Week 7 Week 6 Week 5 Week 4 Week 3 Week 2 Week 1
Jay2 Colts Bills Saints 49ers Packers Patriots Chargers Cowboys Ravens Chiefs
Al2 Colts Panthers Vikings 49ers Saints Patriots Chargers Cowboys Chiefs Ravens
Skillfully Handsome Saints Niners Rams Bills Patriots Eagles Chargers Packers Cowboys Ravens
Kyle1 Saints Bills Vikings 49ers Ravens Eagles Chiefs Cowboys Texans Chargers

Entries Eliminated

Week 9 Week 7 Week 6 Week 5 Week 4 Week 2 Week 1
Dave K Vikings
BMAC2 Bears
Sean1 Cowboys
Scott FTW Chiefs
Duke Chiefs
Al1 Cowboys
Chris O Chargers
Mitch1 Cowboys
K-Fed Chiefs
Kohen’s Got This! Chiefs
Stoinks Chiefs
Kinger Bears
JD #2 Chiefs
Mitch2 Rams
Faryaaz Rams
Shaved Nut Rams
JD #1 Colts
JD #3 Rams
Baby Marty Rams
Female Sweaty Rams
Sean2 Rams
Marquee Colts
TRY Rams
Tyers Ravens
J Campbell Titans
Mike K Panthers
Baker Boys Panthers
Amazing Panthers
Big Tune Jets
Jay1 Jets
BMAC1 Browns
Kyle2 Broncos