2020 TheRealYateman NHL Tournament Challenge

$20 / Entry
Enter as Many as you would like

E-mail TheRealYateman@Gmail.com for an entry form

80% to First – Coozehound
20% to Second – Yateman



Payment Options
E-mail transfer to TheRealYateman@gmail.com
Paypal – TheRealYateman@gmail.com

Brackets must be submitted by Saturday August 1st, 12pm (noon) EST

Point System

Play-In Round
Points Based on Team Seed who Advances

Round Robin Seeds #1 to #4
3 Points for each Correct Seed Number

2nd Round
5 Points for Correct Winner
Multiplier – If correct seed from Play-In Round and/or Round Robin
Example – You pick Knights to get the 3rd seed but they get 2nd seed and advance. You receive 5 points for correct winner.
Example – You pick Knights to get the 3rd seed but they get 3rd seed and advance. You receive 15 points for correct winner. (5 for winner multiplied by 3rd seed)
Example – You pick the Canadiens to advance. You receive 60 points for correct winner (5 for the winner multiplied by 12th seed)

Semi-Final Winner
Reminder: The Tournament reseeds here, top seed #1, etc plays bottom seed #16 etc.
20 Points for Correct Winner

Conference Winner
30 Points for Correct Winner

COV-ID Cup Champion
40 Points for Correct Winner


Please review the example for how points are accumulated