2022 FIFA World Cup Pool

$20 / Entry
Unlimited Entries Allowed

Hosted on officepools.com
Email therealyateman@gmail.com for invite

Prizes ($360 Pot)
80% to First $290 CS
20% to Second $70 DougL1
Note: In the event there is a tie for 1st, there will be no second place prize

100% of the Pot Paid to the Winners $360


Payment Options
E-mail transfer to TheRealYateman@gmail.com
Paypal – TheRealYateman@gmail.com

Entry Due: Sunday November 20, 2022 12pm EST
Point System

Group Stage
Win – 1 Point, Draw – 2 Points
First Pick Due: Sunday November 20, 2022 12PM*
Round of 16 – 2 Points
Quarter-Finals – 3 Points
Semi-Finals – 5 Points
Finals – 10 Points

*Your pick is due before the start of every game. 
For the group round you can make all your picks prior to November 20th or you can make them daily.  The choice is yours.
This will remain the same for the playoff rounds.
Once the last group G games are played on December 2, 2022 and the 16 playoff teams are decided,  Office pools will set up the Round of 16 games.
This will continue for the quarter-finals, Semi’s and finals.