Country, (Qualifier), World Ranking, Odds to Win
FIFA World Rankings as of September 15, 2022
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Group A
Qatar (Host) 48th, +35000
Ecuador (4th CONMEBOL) 44th, +15000
Senegal (CAF 3rd Round Winner) 18th, +6600
Netherlands (UEFA Group G Winner) 8th, +1200

Nov 21, 2022
Senegal vs Netherlands
Qatar vs Ecuador

Nov 25, 2022
Qatar vs Senegal
Netherlands vs Ecuador

Nov 29,2022
Netherlands vs Qatar
Ecuador vs Senegal

Group B
England (UEFA Group I Winner) 5th, +550
Iran (AFC 3rd Round Group A Winner) 22nd, +75000
USA (CONCACAF 3rd Place) 14th, +10000
Wales (Euro Qualifier) 19th, +15000

Nov 21, 2022
England vs Iran
USA vs Wales

Nov 25, 2022
Wales vs Iran
England vs USA

Nov 29, 2022
Wales vs England
Iran vs USA

Group C
Argentina (CONMEBOL Runner Up) 3rd, +700
Saudi Arabia (AFC 3rd Round Group B Winner) 53rd, +75000
Mexico (CONCACAF 3rd Runners Up) 12th, +15000
Poland (UEFA Second Round Winner) 26th, +12500

Nov 22, 2022
Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
Mexico vs Poland

Nov 26, 2022
Poland vs Saudi Arabia
Argentina vs Mexico

Nov 30, 2022
Poland vs Argentina
Mexico vs Saudi Arabia

Group D
France (UEFA Group D Winner) 4th, +600
Australia (Inter Contential Qualifier) 39th, +25000
Denmark (UEFA Group F Winner) 10th, +2800
Tunisia (CAF 3rd Round Winner) 30th, +35000

Nov 22, 2022
Denmark vs Tunisia
France vs Australia

Nov 26, 2022
Tunisia vs Australia
France vs Denmark

Nov 30, 2022
Australia vs Denmark
Tunisia vs France

Group E
Spain (UEFA Group B Winner) 6th, +800
Costa Rica (Inter Contential Qualifier) 34th, +75000
Germany (UEFA Group J Winner) 11th, +1000
Japan (AFC 3rd Round Group B Runner Up) 24th, +25000

Nov 23, 2022
Germany vs Japan
Spain vs Costa Rica

Nov 27, 2022
Japan vs Costa Rica
Spain vs Germany

Dec 1, 2022
Japan vs Spain
Costa Rica vs Germany

Group F
Belgium (UEFA Group E Winner) 2nd, +1400
Canada (CONCACAF 3rd Round Winner) 43rd, +15000
Morocco (CAF 3rd Round Winner) 23rd, +20000
Croatia (UEFA Group H Winner) 15th, +5000

Nov 23, 2022
Morocco vs Croatia
Belgium vs Canada

Nov 27, 2022
Belgium vs Morocco
Croatia vs Canada

Dec 1, 2022
Croatia vs Belgium
Canada vs Morocco

Group G
Brazil (CONMEBOL Winner) 1st, +450
Serbia (UEFA Group A Winner) 25th, +15000
Switzerland (UEFA Group C Winner) 16th, +8000
Cameroon (CAF 3rd Round Winner) 38th, +20000

Nov 24, 2022
Switzerland vs Cameroon
Brazil vs Serbia

Nov 28, 2022
Cameroon vs Serbia
Brazil vs Switzerland

Dec 2, 2022
Serbia vs Switzerland
Cameroon vs Brazil

Group H
Portugal (UEFA 2nd Round Winner) 9th, +1200
Ghana (CAF 3rd Round Winner) 60th,  +25000
Uruguay (CONMEBOL 3rd Place) 13th, +5000
Korea Republic (AFC 3rd Round Group A Runner Up) 28th, +25000

Nov 24, 2022
Uruguay vs South Korea
Portugal vs Ghana

Nov 28, 2022
South Korea vs Ghana
Portugal vs Uruguay

Dec 2, 2022
Ghana vs Uruguay
South Korea vs Portugal





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