2023 TheRealYateman NFL Survivor Pool

$20 per Entry, Enter as many as you would like
Payable via E-mail transfer to TheRealYateman@gmail.com
Payment Due September 10th 12pm EST

How to Enter
Hosted on officepools.com
Send an E-mail to TheRealYateman@gmail.com for the pool code
Officepools is free to create an ID and offers a free app

Picks are made straight up and not using a point spread.
If the pick is correct, the player survives and advances to the next week.
If the pick is incorrect, the player is eliminated from the pool.

You can only pick a team once, Once that team is picked they can not be used in future week picks.
If the team you pick, ties.  You are eliminated, the team you pick must WIN.

Week 1 – A player selects Arizona.
Arizona defeats Kansas City, that player advances to week 2 and can not pick Arizona again for the rest of the season.

100% of the $780 Pot is Paid out to Winner


Will be sent every Thursday morning.