Week 6

Teams on a Bye: Colts, Bears, Raiders, Bills

Notable Players on Bye: TY Hilton WR IND, Marlon Mack RB IND, Eric Ebron TE IND, Allen Robinson WR CHI, Josh Jacobs RB OAK, David Montgomery RB CHI, Tarik Cohen RB CHI

This is the weakest the wire has looked all season.  These would really only be high risk, desperation adds.  I would focus more this week on seeing players that might be available in your leagues.

Hunter Henry, TE LAC

If your league doesn’t have an IR spot, there is a good chance Hunter is out there.  His return probably won’t be next week, but it’s looking real close.  He could be a difference maker if he stays healthy at a position that isn’t very deep.  I would go as high as 20% depending on your roster spots available.

Chase Edmonds, RB ARI

You won’t know Johnson’s status when waivers are run, but if you have a roster spot or you are the DJ owner, you should make a bid for Edmonds.  If DJ can’t play or is limited, Edmonds instantly becomes a 3 down back.  If you are the DJ owner, bid 10% of your FAAB, if you are looking to hold him for hostage or is desperation mode, bid 5%.

Royce Freeman, RB DEN

Gio Bernard, RB CIN

Both of these running backs are behind their teams #1.  They do however see carries throughout the game and do play in passing situations.  I would only make a claim for these 2 if you have no other running backs to start this week.

Diontae Johnson, WR PIT

A season high in targets last week (8).  Another change at QB doesn’t make Johnson that desirable but he is playable this week against a banged up chargers defense.  If you need a WR, make a 3-4% FAAB bid.

Devante Parker, WR MIA

It what could be the worst matchup of the season, Miami (32nd D) vs Washington (28th D) there should be points scored.  His floor is zero points, if you are ok with the risk and need a player, bid 1% FAAB.

The fantasy season is 5 weeks done (over a 1/3 complete) and your league probably has a one win team or even a winless team.  It’s time to buy low.  Obviously trades are easier to make in a dynasty / keeper league where you can trade for future picks.  But this is also great timing in redraft leagues, you want to get on the bottom feeders before they just pack it in.

Stefon Diggs, WR MIN

If he’s on the last place team chances are the owner is jaded and you’re thinking WTF.  Diggs is a second round talent, his skills have not diminished, he’s just lacking targets.  Thielen had his breakout game this week, Diggs is just waiting for his.  Send a ‘feeler’ out there and see how cheap you can get him.

Austin Ekeler, RB LAC

Yes, buy and not sell.  He will is and will continue to get the passing down work.  The Chargers have the Bears, Packers and the Chiefs in the next 6 weeks, all games will they most likely be trailing in.  The Ekeler owner could be nervous with Melvin back and be looking for anything he could get for Ekeler.

Week 5

Teams on a Bye: Lions, Dolphins

Notable Players on Bye: Kerryon Johnson RB Lions, Kenny Golladay WR Lions, TJ Hockenson TE Lions, Marvin Jones WR Lions

Favorite Adds

Geronimo Allison, WR GB

Not a great waiver week for wide receivers.  But if you need one, the uncertainty of Adams and his turf toe, you should be looking at Geronimo Allison this week.  This would only be an add if you are the Adams owner or in desperate need of a starter this week.  Try not to go higher than 10% of your FAAB

Frank Gore, RB BUF

Still hovering around 50% owned on most platforms. He managed to rush for over 100 yards against the Patriots last week. He does have a better match up this week against the Titans.  You’ll probably have to spend more than you would have last week, as most managers who were leery of the matchup will be all over Gore.

Stash Opportunities

Benny Snell Jr, RB PIT

If anything happens to Connor, Snell will see an increase in work.  Connor and Samuels had exactly a 50/50 split this week.  There were a few instances were Connor even limped off the field.  Even with Samules ahead of him on the depth charts, Snell proved last year he can handle the RB1 work load.  Don’t spend more than 3-5% of your FAAB.

Ryquell Armstead, RB JAX

He is the torn in every Fournette owner’s side.  If you are the Fournette owner he is a must add.  He is the handcuff now in Jacksonville. Fournette has never played all 16 games in a season.  Even if you are not the Fournette owner and have a roster spot available, throw a 1% FAAB bid just to make sure he doesn’t get picked up in free agency.

Desperation Adds

Danny Vitale, RB GB

For reasons not many can understand the Packers just don’t want to give Jones the volume of carries most of us expected.  Williams will most likely be out this week.  Vitale will probably get the goal line work.  But lets me honest, Vitale could easily lay a goose egg here.  Don’t use any FAAB, check the free agent pool after the waiver runs.

Week 4

Teams on a Bye: Jets, 49ers
Notable Players on Bye: Le’veon Bell RB NYJ,

Favorite FAAB Adds

Wayne Gallman, RB NYG
If the Barkley owner doesn’t have him or you are the Barkley owner, he is the BIGGEST add of the week.  He is the Giants starting running back and has shown in the past how productive he can be with 12+ carries a game.  Spend big, 30% of your FAAB.

Philip Dorsett, WR NE
Gordon has a sore hand, Edelman has a sore chest, both will play through the pain, but how effective will they be? Dorsett already has 3 touchdowns and 13 receptions this season.  The patriots do not have  pass catching tight end.  There are enough TB12 pass attempts for 3 wide receivers to start in fantasy.  It’s about time he is rostered and started.  It’s time to use 25% of your FAAB on Dorsett.

Mecole Hardman, WR KC
This is not a cut and paste from last week, Hardman remains under 50% owned.  There is enough in the Chiefs offense that Mecole will get his targets with Watkins and Robinson on the field.  His high play ability has been on displayed the last 2 weeks.  Another 15+ point game in PPR leagues this week.  Spend upwards of 20% of your FAAB.

Daniel Jones, QB NYG
There are many reasons to pick up Jones.  If you are streaming QB’s, or looking for a Garoppolo replacement, if Baker & Cam are your QB,  now is the time for a change.  I’m not a huge advocate for spending a lot of FAAB on a QB but if Jones can make plays with his legs he can be a very lucrative fantasy asset.  Spend 10% of your FAAB.

Tread Lightly 

Frank Gore, RB BUF
I would only look at Gore if you need a bye week replacement.  Gore does not have an ideal matchup against the Patriots, a team yet to give up an offensive touchdown.  This is purely a volume play.

Rex Burkhead, RB NE
I’m not ready to believe that the Patriots are going to give up on Michel and Burkhead will see a consistent increase in his work load.  You have to ask yourself, would you be comfortable starting Rex going forward? I am not.  If for some reason you are very stuck this week then you have no choice.  I would still not make a large FAAB bid.

Stash Opportunities

Ronald Jones, RB TB
Owned in less than 25% of leagues, Jones had a career high 14 carries and netted 80 yards in Sundays loss to the Giants.  Barber had one less carry, 13. Stuck in a fantasy crippling timeshare it seems as if it’s only a matter of time before Jones gets the majority of touches.  Monitor if Jones gets on the field during passing downs.  He could be a cheap add here that can help you as bye weeks begin.

Alexander Mattison, RB MIN
Sadly its that time of the year when Cook gets hurt.  I hate seeing fantasy studs get any type of injury, that being said, you MUST own Mattison as the Cook owner.  Go get him NOW.

Jamaal Williams, RB GB
I am not sure what is going on in the Green Bay backfield but Williams has seen an increase in carries every week compared to the rest.  This has to be an uneasy feeling for the Aaron Jones owner.  If you have a roster spot see if you can stash Williams for a buck.

Week 3

Start Everyone Against the Dolphins, Sit all Dolphins

This seems extremely obvious, but still has to be stated.  I can’t see a reason you would ever sit any player at any position against the Dolphins. Dak, Zek and Cooper start week to week for you regardless of opponent, given how god their offense has looked thus far.  This week start Cobb and Witten if you have them. The Dolphins can’t cover the slot and the Ravens TE’s touched them in week 1.  If you have Fitz or Rosen, DROP THEM NOW, there has to be someone on the waiver who you could even stash as an insurance backup, then waste a spot on these 2 quarterbacks.  You can’t start Drake or Ballage.  You can’t start Parker or Wilson and if you have Gesicki or O’Leary, DROP THEM NOW.  Do yourself a favor if you have a roster spot or two available, look at the waiver wire and who have the Dolphins coming up on their schedule.  WR3 and TE2’s on the wire instantly become WR2 and TE1 the week they play the Dolphins.

Favorite FAAB Adds

Demarcus Robinson, WR Chiefs

Another week, another Chiefs wide receiver makes my list as favorite adds.  6 Receptions on 6 targets, 172 yards and 2 touchdowns.  This will cost you.  I would go as high as 40% of your FAAB.  Robinson defiantly has shown Mahomes his ability to make the big long play, that we know his QB likes.  He was 3rd on the team in Targets (Watkins 13, Kelce 9) Against Oakland, 14% of Mahomes attempts.  Even with a lead, Mahomes was still throwing the ball and I expect this trend to continue.  He is a great number 2 to Watkins, a player with an injury past and someone who dropped over 50% of their targets.

DK Metclaf, WR Seahawks

He’s between 47-50% owned depending on where you play.  Easily Wilson’s second favorite target behind Lockett.  I was very skeptical of DK during draft season.  I wasn’t sure how he would fit in with this run heavy offense, also his preseason injury made me weary. He has now averaged over 12 PPR points in his first 2 games. I would spend 20% of my FAAB here.

Randall Cobb, WR Cowboys

The perfect storm.  An injury moves him up the depth chart and a game against the Dolphins.  Even after this week Cobb will have flex / bye week replacement value.  The Cowboys offense looks legit and Dak is making a case for a big contract extension.  Cobb should warrant a 10% FAAB bid.

Devin Smith, WR Cowboys

A great low risk high reward candidate. He will see more reps and the Cowboys have confirmed such. He is a great stash with an explosive offense. I would definitely make a 2% bid here and try and catch your league mates off guard.

Marquise Goodwin, WR 49ers

I would look to get Goodwin for next to nothing.  Try a $1 or even no bid if your league allows it.  Garoppolo finally looked like the Jimmy everyone expected in 2018.  The offense is very spread out amongst multiple running backs and wide receivers.  George Kittle will always be the #1 target in this offense but there is nothing that would prevent Goodwin from being #2.  He has the hands, speed and big play capability that makes him a very intriguing flex option week to week.

Tread Lightly

Teddy Bridgewater, QB Saints

You should only have his name on your radar in 2 QB leagues or super flex leagues.  If you look at Teddy’s last 2 starts, 2018 Week 17 start vs Panthers 14-22 118 yards, 1TD / 1 INT.  Last week, 17-30 for only 165 yards.  Previous to that he attempted just 2 passes in 2017, One was intercepted.  I don’t see the fuss over a quarterback who turned down offers in the offseason to compete for a starters job to stay the saints backup.  If you are realty in a pinch I supposed he is a better option than Falk. But don’t be surprised if Hill is under center sooner than later.  Don’t spend any FAAB, if needed look for him on free agents.

Week 2

Favorite FAAB Adds

Jamison Crowder, WR Jets
Less than 50% owned and defiantly the Jets #1 receiver.  My favorite free agent target this week, I would make a bet of 25% of my FAAB to obtain him.  He won’t see 17 targets a game, but he will see 30%+ of Darnold’s passes.  It looks like when Bell is on the field, Crowder will line up in the slot and will most likely never see double coverage.

John Brown, WR Bills
Another free agent who hovers around 50% owned and is clearly a team’s #1 receiver.  7 receptions on 10 targets for a staggering 123 yards and the only receiving touchdown for the bills.  He is clearly ahead of Jones on the depth chart.  I put him in the Crowder price range, I would be comfortable making a 25% FAAB bid.

Mecole Hardman, WR Chiefs
If you drafted Hardman with the intent to stash, pat yourself on the back.  Someone is going to have to catch all those Mahomes passes with Hill out.  Mahomes will stretch the field and air it out and will need receivers out there.  Mahomes averaged 33 pass attempts a game in 2018, he threw exactly his 2018 average, 33 passes on Sunday, 8 to running backs, 11 to Watkins, Then 14 spread around.  I would project Hardman to get 7 targets going forward while Hill is out.  He should be the 2nd receiver on the field in Week 2 for the Chiefs.

Gio Bernard, RB Bengals
With the uncertainty on the extent of Mixon’s injury, Gio has to be owned.  He already saw pass catching downs while Mixon was in the game, now he has an opportunity to be a 3 down back against a niners team who gave up 121 yards to a subpar Buccaneer run offense.

Mark Andrews, TE Ravens
He is around 70-75% owned depending on your platform, I would take a peek if he’s available.  He already seems to be building off his rapoure with Jackson from last year and looks to be his favorite target.  If you draft strategy has you streaming TE’s this season, Andrews should be a must own for you.  For those streaming, 25% FAAB. It seems high but he did see 35% of Jackson’s attempts in week 1.

Tread Lightly

Jon Ross, WR Bengals
I am going to tread lightly when it comes to Ross.  7 Rec, 158 Yards, 2 TDs, no one can keep up this pace.  Will you really trust Andy Dalton to throw the ball 51 times again? Then there is AJ Green coming back in what looks like week 3.  I wouldn’t bid more than 7-8% FAAB.  He might only be productive this week, then barred back in the depth chart.

AJ Brown, WR Titans
13 Fantasy points in his first career game, came off 3 big receptions (4 targets) for 100 yards.  A pretty impressive debut, but I question, how often is Davis going to see only 4 targets a game and how big of an impact is a healthy Walker going to have the offense.  If you are in a deep league with 3 WR spots or multiple flex’s and 12+ teams, then Brown should look to get 8-10% of your FAAB.

Stay Away (Don’t blow your FAAB)

Marquise Brown, WR Ravens
Don’t blow your FAAB.  Someone in your league is probably going to bid 70-75% of their FAAB.  Do you really want to be in this situation this early in the season?  If you are buying into the hype, keep in mind the Ravens played the Dolphins who in my mind might be worse than the 0-16 2017 Browns and 2008 Lions.  I couldn’t find a reason to higher than 20% FAAB.  Brown only played 16 snaps in what it considered the most run heavy team in the league. He is a great talent but you will have to live through the weeks when he doesn’t score any fantasy points.

Week 1

Start your studs.  Play any and all Seahawks, Chargers, and Vikings. Don’t over think week 1 when it comes to your primary positions, QB1, WR1, WR2, RB1, TE.  Look at your flex spot(s) to use a sleeper who you think can get more than their projected points.  In this spot, I look at the following players:

Chris Thompson RB Redskins. The Skins are expected to play most of this game from behind.  He has been the skins pass catching back for the past few years and will see himself on the field well before Guice and AP on 3rd & long snaps.
Justice Hill RB Ravens.  This is really a dart play.  It should be interesting to see how he used if the Ravens get up early.  This is a great opportunity to give the rookie some early season snaps.  If you are in a deeper league and you’ve drafted Hill late, he might be worth a start.