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Sea of Japan
AXE Capital
KevinS’s Team
Skillfully Handsome
EatADickKevin 2.0
Brian’s Boss Team
Nothin Butt Fumble

Live Draft – August 23, 8:30pm Buffalo Wild Wings

Picking 1st Overall in a Start-Up 10 Team Dynasty Superflex PPR League

August 20, 2018

This is where I find myself drafting Thursday.  The first overall pick in a superflex start up 10-Team dynasty fantasy football league.  I am actually happy that we chose to make the draft later in August as opposed to earlier, some of the latest injuries could have crushed teams.  A couple of the key league settings, 3 Wide Receivers, 1 superflex spot (QB/WR/RB/TE) and one flex spot (WR/RB/TE), 3 unique differences from most leagues. The first pick seems pretty straight forward, Todd Gurley.  Then I sit and wait until the turn at 2.10, 3.1. My philosophy for most of this draft will be to wait on a quarterback and tight end, unless of course the value is there when I’m on the clock.  I’ve approached almost every draft this season, MFL10, dynasty, redrafts with the same approach.  After Gronk (ADP 21) and Kelce (ADP 27), I see a significant drop off in the tight end position. Most will argue to put Ertz and even Engram in the upper tier, I however will go best WR/RB on the board over these 2.  At the end of the year will there be a substantial difference between TE3/4 and WR20 or RB20? I will roll the dice and take WR20 and RB20.  If I leave the draft with 2 of the following, Ben Watson, Jake Butt, Eric Ebron or Austin Hooper, I will be better than A OK with it. When it comes to QB’s, I wouldn’t be at all shock if the likes of Rodgers and Watson were gone in round 2 or round 3 at the latest. Picking 2.10 and 3.1, it is impossible for me to go QB.  I will be taking best available WR/RB here.  Here I would be looking at Green, Adams, Freeman, Gronk, Evans based on ADP or Kelce, Evans, Green, Gronk, Hunt based on my projections.  Getting any of the top 2 WR’s in either group would be a great top 3 with Gurley.  I’m going to wish on the stars here, and hope that 2 guys in front of me reach for a QB and the likes of Cook or Allen could fall in this group.  I am very high on both of these players going into the season, and will attempt to trade back up in round 2. Been shopping the idea for 2.10 and a 2019 2nd to move up.  I haven’t had any luck yet but there hasn’t been a trade yet in this league, and I’m sure once the first trade is done, the flood gates will open, so let’s see how this goes.

About half the league I have drafted with before in a similar format, I’m still unsure if this is an advantage or a disadvantage.  Some guys I can predict when they will reach and who they will reach for, some guys will have a strong opinion on what my moves might be. I won’t be hung up on youth and getting a top 5 quarterback, this will be my advantage as I will be able to shift and change gears as the draft transpires. This league is hosted on yahoo and the way that yahoo has buried Hunter Henry and Darrius Guice, I would love to grab these guys in the later rounds, 14th or later would be well worth the roster spot, which turns into an IR spot when the season starts, this league has 2 IR spots.

I look forward to what should be an exciting night of drafting.  Updates will be posted weekly for this league.

Updated: August 20, 2018

Before I can even publish, I get an incising offer from the owner drafting 4th overall.  He offers his 1.4 and 2019 2nd and 3rd for 1.1.  Before I hit accept, I shop around my idea of trading 2.10 to move up and package that with a 2019 2nd to see if i can get a bite.  I was able to get 2.4 for 2.10 and a 2019 3rd, my second round mission is accomplished at a much lower price.  So I hit up the owner drafting 4th and take him up on that offer.  Essentially trading Todd Gurley and 2.10 for one of Bell/Barkley or Johnson, 2.4 overall and a 2019 2nd round pick.  This league just got a whole lot more fun.

Updated: August 22, 2018

Well it’s the night before the draft and things seem to be calm, guys at the top want to trade down, guys at the end want to move up.  No one can find that market value.  There have only been the 2 trades which involved myself 2 nights ago.  Should be a fun next 24 hours, I would assume #10 will pony up and over pay to get in the top 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was for 1.1 which I traded.  All I’ll do tonight is charge my laptop and wait for the text messages tomorrow.  The update Friday should be a fun one to write.

Draft Recap 

As expected, the text messages started flowing as draft time approached. 25 minutes prior to the first pick, it was traded yet again.  This time Skillfully Handsome (who recently acquired the pick from myself) moved it to KevinS’s team for a modest upgrade in rounds 3 and 4.  The trade was 1.3, 3.3 and 5.3 for 1.1, 3.4 and 5.4.  It was more surprising that Kevin’s was able to acquire the pick as much as it was for skillfully to trade away.  As Ekekiel Elliot went 2nd overall to Axe Capital, Team Argos had to get his hands on him.  Although he couldn’t get him right away, he used his first pick, Odell Beckham Jr to put together a package.  In the end it was Zeke, 9.2 and 10.9 in exchange for OBJ, 5.10 and 7.10.

Once the first round was concluded, the draft started to fly.  The guys live were ready, the guys online were using their que’s to move the draft along.

Running backs dominated the first round, Gurley, Zeke and Barkley, the first 3 picks.  The first wide receiver off the board was chosen by myself at 4th, Antonio Brown.  A last second change at 5, saw Bell go just ahead of David Johnson.  You could almost see Steamers dancing online as DJ fell in his lap at 5.

Draft Results

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
1.1 KevinS’s Team Todd Gurley RB LAR 2.1 Argos Odell Beckham Jr WR NYG 3.1 Sea of Japan Mike Evans WR TB
1.2 Axe Capital Ezekiel Elliott RB DAL 2.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Julio Jones WR ATL 3.2 Axe Capital AJ Green WR CIN
1.3 Skillfully Handsome Saquon Barkley RB NYG 2.3 Ric Flair Keenan Allen WR LAC 3.3 Skillfully Handsome Deshaun Watson QB HOU
1.4 Sea of Japan Antonio Brown WR PIT 2.4 Sea of Japan Dalvin Cook RB MIN 3.4 KevinS’s Team Russell Wilson QB SEA
1.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Le’Veon Bell RB PIT 2.5 STEAMERS Davante Adams WR GB 3.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Stefon Diggs WR MIN
1.6 STEAMERS David Johnson RB ARI 2.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Rob Gronkowski TE NE 3.6 STEAMERS Travis Kelce TE KC
1.7 80%Mental40%Physical Alvin Kamara RB NO 2.7 Skillfully Handsome Leonard Fournette RB JAX 3.7 80%Mental40%Physical Devonta Freeman RB ATL
1.8 Ric Flair DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 2.8 KevinS’s Team Aaron Rodgers QB GB 3.8 Ric Flair Jerick McKinnon RB SF
1.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Kareem Hunt RB KC 2.9 Axe Capital Christan McCaffrey RB CAR 3.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Jordan Howard RB CHI
1.10 Argos Melvin Gordon RB LAC 2.10 80%Mental40%Physical Michael Thomas WR NO 3.10 Argos Tyreek Hill WR KC
Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
4.1 Argos Cam Newton QB CAR 5.1 Sea of Japan Jarvis Landry WR CLE 6.1 Argos Matthew Stafford QB DET
4.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Amari Cooper WR OAK 5.2 Axe Capital Josh Gordon WR CLE 6.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Evan Engram TE NYG
4.3 Ric Flair Zach Ertz TE PHI 5.3 Skillfully Handsome Andrew Luck QB IND 6.3 Ric Flair Tom Brady QB NE
4.4 80%Mental40%Physical TY Hilton WR IND 5.4 KevinS’s Team Corey Davis WR TEN 6.4 80%Mental40%Physical Brandin Cooks WR LAR
4.5 STEAMERS Royce Freeman RB DEN 5.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Allen Robinson WR CHI 6.5 STEAMERS Rashaad Penny RB SEA
4.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Joe Mixon RB CIN 5.6 STEAMERS Carson Wentz QB PHI 6.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Jimmy Garoppolo QB SF
4.7 Skillfully Handsome Juju Smith-Schuster WR PIT 5.7 80%Mental40%Physical Jay Ajayi RB PHI 6.7 Skillfully Handsome Trey Burton TE CHI
4.8 KevinS’s Team Adam Thielen WR MIN 5.8 Ric Flair Kenyan Drake RB MIA 6.8 KevinS’s Team Alshon Jeffery WR PHI
4.9 Axe Capital Doug Baldwin WR SEA 5.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Golden Tate WR DET 6.9 Axe Capital Kerryon Johnson RB DET
4.10 Sea of Japan Alex Collins RB BAL 5.10 Axe Capital Demaryius Thomas WR DEN 6.10 Sea of Japan Jamison Crowder WR WAS
Round 7 Round 8 Round 9
7.1 Sea of Japan Derrick Henry RB TEN 8.1 Argos Jimmy Graham TE GB 9.1 Sea of Japan Nick Chubb RB CLE
7.2 Axe Capital Drew Brees QB NO 8.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Carlos Hyde RB CLE 9.2 Argos Lamar Miller RB HOU
7.3 KevinS’s Team Sammy Watkins WR KC 8.3 Ric Flair Mark Ingram RB NO 9.3 KevinS’s Team Derrius Guice RB WAS
7.4 Skillfully Handsome Chris Hogan WR NE 8.4 80%Mental40%Physical Kirk Cousins QB MIN 9.4 Skillfully Handsome David Kjoku TE CLE
7.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Patrick Mahomes QB KC 8.5 STEAMERS Mike Williams WR LAC 9.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Ronald Jones RB TB
7.6 STEAMERS Rex Burkhead WR NE 8.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Robert Woods WR LAR 9.6 STEAMERS Emmanuel Sanders WR DEN
7.7 80%Mental40%Physical Greg Olsen TE CAR 8.7 Skillfully Handsome DJ Moore WR CAR 9.7 80%Mental40%Physical Devin Funchess WR CAR
7.8 Ric Flair Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 8.8 KevinS’s Team Marvin Jones WR DET 9.8 Ric Flair Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT
7.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Marquise Goodwin WR SF 8.9 Axe Capital Sony Michel RB NE 9.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Derek Carr QB OAK
7.10 Axe Capital LeSean McCoy RB BUF 8.10 Sea of Japan Cooper Kupp WR LAR 9.10 Argos Jordy Nelson WR OAK
Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
10.1 Argos Sterling Shepard WR NYG 11.1 Sea of Japan Hunter Henry TE LAC 12.1 Argos Baker Mayfield QB CLE
10.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Tyler Eifert TE CIN 11.2 Axe Capital Julian Edelman WR NE 12.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Cameron Meredith WR NO
10.3 Ric Flair Dion Lewis RB TEN 11.3 KevinS’s Team Jared Goff QB LAR 12.3 Ric Flair Jamaal Williams WR GB
10.4 80%Mental40%Physical Will Fuller WR HOU 11.4 Skillfully Handsome Marcus Mariota QB TEN 12.4 80%Mental40%Physical Kyle Rudolph TE MIN
10.5 STEAMERS Robby Anderson WR NYJ 11.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Chris Carson RB SEA 12.5 STEAMERS Jordan Reed TE WAS
10.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Nelson Agholor WR PHI 11.6 STEAMERS Marshawn Lynch RB OAK 12.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Dak Prescott QB DAL
10.7 Skillfully Handsome John Brown WR BAL 11.7 80%Mental40%Physical Matt Ryan QB ATL 12.7 Skillfully Handsome Mike Gesicki TE MIA
10.8 KevinS’s Team Tevin Coleman RB ATL 11.8 Ric Flair Michael Crabtree WR BAL 12.8 KevinS’s Team Randall Cobb WR GB
10.9 Argos Calvin Ridley WR ATL 11.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Isaiah Crowell RB NYJ 12.9 Axe Capital Kelvin Benjamin WR BUF
10.10 Sea of Japan Aaron Jones RB GB 11.10 Argos Tarik Cohen RB CHI 12.10 Sea of Japan Anthony Miller WR CHI
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15
13.1 Sea of Japan George Kittle TE SF 14.1 Argos Justin Tucker K BAL 15.1 Sea of Japan Jordan Wilkins RB IND
13.2 Axe Capital Jameis Winston QB TB 14.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Tyler Lockett WR SEA 15.2 Axe Capital Ty Montgomery RB GB
13.3 KevinS’s Team Delaine Walker TE TEN 14.3 Ric Flair Jack Doyle TE IND 15.3 KevinS’s Team Pierre Garcon WR SF
13.4 Skillfully Handsome DeVante Parker WR MIA 14.4 80%Mental40%Physical Jacksonville DEF JAX 15.4 Skillfully Handsome OJ Howard TE SF
13.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Marqise Lee WR DAL 14.5 STEAMERS Philadelphia DEF PHI 15.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Corey Clement RB PHI
13.6 STEAMERS Philip Rivers QB LAC 14.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Greg Zuerlein K LAR 15.6 STEAMERS Courtland Sutton WR DEN
13.7 80%Mental40%Physical Kenny Stills WR MIA 14.7 Skillfully Handsome Andy Dalton QB CIN 15.7 80%Mental40%Physical Blake Bortles QB JAX
13.8 Ric Flair Alex Smith QB WAS 14.8 KevinS’s Team Marlon Mack RB IND 15.8 Ric Flair Allen Hurns WR DAL
13.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Eli Manning QB NYG 14.9 Axe Capital Mitchell Trubisky QB CHI 15.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Peyton Barber RB TB
13.10 Argos Michael Gallup WR DAL 14.10 Sea of Japan Minnesota DEF MIN 15.10 Argos Los Angeles DEF LAR
Round 16 Round 17 Round 18
16.1 Argos Hayden Hurst TE BAL 17.1 Sea of Japan Ryan Tannehill QB MIA 18.1 Argos Mohamed Sanu WR ATL
16.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Danny Amendola WR MIA 17.2 Axe Capital Los Angeles DEF LAC 18.2 Nothin Butt Fumble Carolina DEF CAR
16.3 Ric Flair Kenny Golladay WR DET 17.3 KevinS’s Team Case Keenum QB DEN 18.3 Ric Flair Will Lutz K NO
16.4 80%Mental40%Physical Devontae Booker RB DEN 17.4 Skillfully Handsome Harrison Butker K KC 18.4 80%Mental40%Physical Dan Bailey K DAL
16.5 STEAMERS James Washington WR PIT 17.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Geronimo Allison WR GB 18.5 STEAMERS Antonio Callaway WR CLE
16.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Houston DEF HOU 17.6 STEAMERS D’Onta Foreman RB HOU 18.6 EatADickKevin 2.0 Eric Ebron TE IND
16.7 Skillfully Handsome Josh Doctson WR WAS 17.7 80%Mental40%Physical Dede Westbrook WR JAX 18.7 Skillfully Handsome Dez Bryant WR DAL
16.8 KevinS’s Team Stephen Gostkowski K NE 17.8 Ric Flair Denver DEF DEN 18.8 KevinS’s Team Paul Richardson WR WAS
16.9 Axe Capital Duke Johnson RB CLE 17.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Matt Prater K DET 18.9 Axe Capital Chris Godwin WR TB
16.10 Sea of Japan Matt Breida RB SF 17.10 Argos Rishard Matthews WR TEN 18.10 Sea of Japan Joe Flacco QB BAL
Round 19
19.1 Sea of Japan Jake Butt TE DEN
19.2 Axe Capital Ben Watson TE NO
19.3 KevinS’s Team Baltimore DEF BAL
19.4 Skillfully Handsome Atlanta DEF ATL
19.5 EatADickKevin 2.0 Corey Coleman WR BUF
19.6 STEAMERS Jake Elliot K PHI
19.7 80%Mental40%Physical Sam Darnold QB BUF
19.8 Ric Flair Austin Ekeler RB LAC
19.9 Nothin Butt Fumble Keelan Cole WR JAX
19.10 Argos Tyrod Taylor QB CLE

Some notable decisions, skillfully handsome has 4 of the youngest tight ends on their team and defiantly seemed to be drafting with the future in mind.  The strangest turn was at 9, 10.  Argos went Jordy Nelson and Sterling Shepard.  A questionable older receiver and what could be option 4 for the giants.  These picks were made with Fuller, Anderson, Agholor and even Edelman on the board.  Will be curious to see how this turns out.  Probably the most surprising result of the draft, was myself going zero quarterback in a superflex league.  My intent the entire draft was wait on QB, and look for Rivers, Eli and/or Dalton late.  Rivers and Eli went what I thought was early, 13th round and to teams as 3rd quarterbacks.  This is when I gave up on a QB and would look to trade for one after the draft.  I drafted Flacco and Tannehill in the 17th and 18th rounds.  I’m not sold on Lamar Jackson playing this year.  I’ll be streaming and studying the wire almost all season now for a quarterback.  Josh Allen is a notable free agent.  Kevin going back to back quarterback very early (2nd – Rodgers, 3rd – Wilson) seemed to surprise everyone at the draft. We all figured Aaron Rodgers would be picked early, but would the manager drafting Rodgers actually take a QB with their next pick.  So he’s top 4 picks were Gurley, Rodgers, Wilson, Mixon, RB, QB, QB, RB. He’ll start the season with Allen Robinson and Alshon Jeffrey as his starting wide receivers.  Axe Capital pulled what I will call the steal of the draft.  In a superflex league he was able to drive Drew Brees in the 7thRound, I have extreme high expectations for Brees this season.  Hosted on Yahoo, Yahoo likes to send out report cards, the defending back to back champion, Ric Flair was given an A.  Take that for what it’s worth as some of us did not draft a kicker and/or defense.

Leading up to Week 1

The day after the draft, I basically sent out quarterback offers for the Eli and Rivers owners.  I was able to get the Eli owner to bite.  It might have a cost a bite much for me.  Flacco and a 2019 3rd for Eli.  It was important to me to try and grab one of these QB’s before the season started.  I couldn’t risk an injury to a QB and the waiver wire being depleted.

I was able to pull off another deal.  This time it was for TY Hilton and Matty Ice.  I sent Mike Evans and Anthony Miller the other way.   I finally have 2 quarterbacks I can ride most of the year.

In another blockbuster trade, OBJ saw himself join a 3rd team before we even got to week 1.  This time Axe Capital packaged OBJ, Shady McCoy, Newly waiver acquisition AP and a first Round pick in 2019’s Rookie draft to KevinEatsDick 2.0 for Joe Mixon and Stefon Diggs.  Many in the league thought this was a giant steal for KevinEatADick 2.0, I loved the move for Axe Capital.  He essential moved OBJ and 2 Running backs who could be playing their last year for a WR1 and RB1 with tons of upside.  I think where this first round pick falls will decide the real winner.

In a smaller trade that was completely over shadowed by the OBJ trade, KevinEatADick 2.0 was involved in another.  This time he sent Patrick Mahomes to Steamers straight up for Carson Wentz.  In a superflex league it’s not the norm  to see this many quarterbacks traded before week 1.  This trade really boiled down to one GM not having any confidence that Wentz would be healthy and the other willing to take that risk.  1 week later, it’s announced that Wentz will not play Week 1.