2023 TheRealYateman NFL Play-Off Bracket Challenge

$20 / Entry

Multiple entries accepted
EMT to TheRealYateman@gmail.com

Hosted on pooltracker.com
E-mail therealyateman@gmail.com for invitation code

Saturday January 14th 4:30PM EST before the start of the Seattle vs San Francisco Game

Prizes $420
100% of the Prize Pot Paid Out
75% to First $315 – Steelers for ever
20% to Second $85 – Bakesy
5% to Third $20 – Stoinks & TheRealYateman

2 Points for each correct Wild Card Pick
4 Points for each correct Divisional Pick
6 Points for each correct Conference Championship Pick
8 Points for correct Super Bowl Champion
Tie Breaker – Total Points in Super Bowl