Sunday February 7th, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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25 Entries!!

1st Place – 60% of the Pot $150 CHRIS
2nd Place – 25% of the Pot $62 WILLIAMS
3rd Place – 15% of the Pot $38 JEN & PAUL

Complete the above form by 2pm Sunday February 7, 2021
Send $10 to the via E-Transfer or PayPal
Each Prop has a point value. A correct answer awards you said points.
Top 3 in points after the game win prizes per the Payout
If the tiebreaker is needed, the team closest wins the tiebreaker.  If teams are still tied, prize is split.
For example,
If 2 teams are still tied for 1st, The 1st & 2nd prize pool is split evenly.  2nd place would win 3rd place prize.
If 2 teams are still tied for 2nd, The 2nd & 3rd prize pool is split evenly.  There would no payout for 3rd place.
If 2 teams are still tied for 3rd, The 3rd place prize is split evenly.
Note: Player Props (Brady, Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Edwards-Heaire, Evans, Godwin, Fournette) the player must play at least on snap.  If they do not, the outcome is considered a push, and no points are awarded.



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