2019 Win Total Plays

Miami Dolphins Over 5 1/2 +150
The Dolphins play most AFC East games tight.  The Redskins and Giants at home and then end the season against the bengals Week 16 and the Patriots in week 17. This should help get them to 6 wins.

Indianapolis Colts Under 9 1/2 +110
All the uncertainty with Andrew Luck’s health make this an automatic bet.  Too many resemblances of 2017.  Another preseason missed.  How good is this team without #12?  Even if he is healthy for week 1, how long will it take him to get up to game speed.

Oakland Raiders Under 5 1/2 +130
So many new faces in key positions.  The AB drama in full force, the Nathan Petterman camp hype.  This team was a perfect choice for Hard Knocks.  Denver may be rebuilding but I still don’t see a divisional win anywhere for the Raiders.

San Francisco 49ers Under 8 1/2 -130
This might be the toughest 6 game stretch to end a season I have ever seen.  Week 12 vs Packers, Week 13 in Baltimore, Week 14 in New Orleans, Week 15 vs Falcons, Week 16 vs Rams, Week 17 in Seattle. If the Niners don’t win 7 of their first 10 games, this number could stay under with ease.



2019 Draft Day Props
Drew Locke Over 10 ½ -163
Josh Allen Over 3 ½ -200
Marquise Brown Over 19 ½ -275
Dwayne Haskins Under 10 ½ +100
Washington Redskins to Draft Dwyane Haskins +250
Josh Jacobs Over 24 1/2 -225
Quarterbacks Drafted in the First Round – Over 3 ½ -200