2022-23 TheRealYateman NHL Saturday Survivor Pool

$20 per Entry, Enter as many as you would like
Payable via E-mail transfer or PayPal (Friends & Family) to TheRealYateman@gmail.com
Payment Due October 15 12pm EST

How to Enter
Hosted on officepools.com
Send an E-mail to TheRealYateman@gmail.com for the pool code
Officepools is free to create an ID and offers a free app

Each Entry Gets 2 Lives
Pick one team to win each Saturday
If the pick is correct, the player survives and advances to the next week.
If the pick is incorrect, the player loses a life. Once a player loses twice, they are eliminated.
You can only pick a team twice, Once that team is picked twice can not be used in future week picks.
Survivor Information on officepools

100% of the Pot is Paid out to Winner

$320 – Goated Duster

Will be sent every Thursday morning.