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By far my favourite sport.  Here you'll find my fantasy news, DFS weekly teams and Week to Week bets.  I also dabble in futures when i find a spot.

In 2018, I had a small loss when it came to betting the NFL.  Nothing substantial. The entertainment, learning and developing an edge for 2019 was well worth it.  You can expect much more in depth plays come 2019. I also did my first ever forecast on all 32 teams in the league.  This is where I came up with my futures bets and I will be doing the same in 2019.

Also in 2018 I did my first PPR Dynasty start up rankings. I look to do the same this season closer to the start of training camp.

I have orphaned many of my teams from 2018 to concentrate on the website and writing.  In 2019 I will continue 3 dynasty leagues and start one up where I will be commissioner.  The league will be hosted on  Details will be released in August.

For those who followed my DFS line ups week to week, we all made a pretty penny.  Easily my biggest win of the football season and another reason why I trimmed down my seasonal fantasy teams.


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