2023 TheRealYateman NHL Play-off Pool Bracket Challenge

$20 / Entry
Enter as Many as you would like

Entry Form can be found Here
or E-mail TheRealYateman@Gmail.com for an entry form

100% of the Prize Pot Paid Out $260
80% to First – $205 TheRealYateman
20% to Second – $55 DuncanD
In the event of a tie (even after the tir breaker) for first, there will be NO 2nd place prize.
Pot will be split equally between the First place entries

Pool Entries


E-mail transfer to TheRealYateman@gmail.com

Brackets must be submitted by Monday April 17, 2023 6pm EST

Point System
Divisional Round Winner
2 Points

Divisional Winner
5 Points

Conference Winner
10 Points

Stanley Cup Champion
20 Points for Correct Winner

Tie Breaker
Total Goals in Stanley Cup Finals Series