#1 Argos vs #4 AXE Capital
Recap: AXE caught the Argos at the right time, his team was just cruising while the Argos were struggling filling a healthy roster.  Having to plug in Case and Carr as his 2 QB’s, it was too tall of a task. The Yahoo projections had AXE winning by the slightest of margins, just over 8 points.  Christian McCaffrey’s 31.80 and a surprise 27.60 from Doug Baldwin seemed to put AXE over the top.  AXE takes the first Hair is Optional league Title, 155.38 to 119.78.


#1 Argos vs #6 80%Mental40%Physical
Recap: In what came down to the MNF game and the Saints fumbling in the Panthers end zone, 80%Mental is left wondering what could have been.  In one of the uglier fantasy weeks in all formats.  Argos survived 110.10 to 100.46

#2 MrRodgersNeighborhood vs #4 AXE Capital
Recap: Saving his best for the playoffs, AXE Capital has his way again and wins by 46 points, never close.  179.46 to 143.84. Where most people are left curing at the lack of productivity across the NFL, AXE just keeps rolling.

Quarter Finals 

#3 Ric Flair vs #6 80%Mental40%Physical 
Recap: 80%Mental40%Physical slays the dragon and wins a close one 127.90 to 123.42.  Ric Flair had won 3 of 4 previous league championships. 

#4 AXE Capital #5 STEAMERS 
Recap: In a matchup that was never really close, Axe Capital wins by over 100, 239.34 to 138.76.  Really putting the rest of the league on notice.  36 points from Kittle, 32.60 from Julio, 28.62 from Brady, the list goes on.

Play-offs – Top 6 Advance 
1st and 2nd Receive a Bye
Playoffs reseed after the 1st round

Final Regular Season Standings
(Record / Points For / Points Against)
1st Argos 12-1 2293.66    1895.10
2nd MrRodgers Neighborhood 9-4 2427.84   2026.40
3rd Ric Flair 9-4 2220.08  2090.18
4th AXE Capital 8-5 2210.00  2113.96
5th STEAMERS 7-6 2154.22  2140.32
6th 80%Mental40&Physical 7-6 2139.08 1883.62
7th Jay Top/Kevin Bottom 5-8 2043.38  2090.18
8th EatADickKevin2.0 3-10 19837.20  2248.76
9th Nothin Butt Fumble 3-10 1768.32 2199.90
10th Skillfully Handsome 2-11 1887.62  2360.72

Best Record – Argos (12-1)
Most Wins in a Row – Argos (12)
Most Points – MrRodgersNeighborhood (2427.84)
Most Points Against – Skillfully Handsome (2360.72)
Most Trades – JayTop / KevinBottom (10)
Most Transactions – STEAMERS (72)

Week 13
Final Week of the Regular Season

1st Place is locked up, Argos are 12-0 with a 2 game lead.  The fun starts at 2nd, MrRodgersNeighbourhood, Ric Flair and AXE Capital are all 8-4 and fighting for that 2nd first round bye.  STEAMERS has one game and 90 point lead over myself for the last (6th seed) playoff spot.  80%Mental40%Physical rounds out the playoff teams and he’s comfortable in the 5 spot.

JayTop / KevinBottom 140.30 vs STEAMERS 157.70
: An absolute disappointment for myself.  I traded away most my rookie picks as well getting ready for a playoff push.
Skillfully Handsome 113.68 vs Ric Flair 148.62
EatADickKevin2.0 202.70 vs AXE Capital 156.40
Recap: A little too late for Eat a Dick to break the 200 point mark
MrRodgersNeighbourhood 184.08 vs Argos 153.50
Recap: Injuries finally caught up to the Argos and he lost his first game. A week away from perfection. 
80%Physical40%Mental 118.54 vs Nothin Butt Fumble 120.72

Week 12
It’s Trade Deadline Week!!!

To Ric Flair – Drew Brees QB NO, 4th Round Pick & 5th Round Pick
To AXE Capital – Tom Brady QB NE & 1st Round Pick
Recap: In a wild trade between the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams, they swap MVP quarterbacks a first is involved.  

To MrRodgersNeighbourhood – JuJu Smith-Schuster WR PIT &  David Njoku TE CLE
To Skillfully Handsome – Darrius Guice RB WASH, Sammy Watkins WR KC, 1st Round Pick & 3rd Round Pick
Recap: Skillfully gets another 2019 1st Round pick and MrRodgers gets some much needed wide receiver depth.

JayTop / Kevin Bottom 204.12 EatADickKevin2.0 163.20
Recap: My best output of the year.  I had to put the pedal to the metal and hope for a lot of help.
AXE Capital 222.30 Skillfully Handsome 161.72
80%Mental40%Physical 151.16 STEAMERS 166.54
Recap: This almost all but locked up the 6th seed for STEAMERS.  He has a one game lead and a 90 point lead.  
MrRodgersNeighborhood 168.78 Nothin Butt Fumble 150.56
Argos 171.88 Ric Flair 163.32
Recap: Argos is one week away from a perfect regular season.

Week 11

Tensions are staring to build.  Managers are complaining about re-nags, horrible offers and what the true value of a first round pick is.  EatADick won his super bowl last week, and then went total sell mode.  Knowing that Bell would seat out, he figured anyone else can be traded.  In a surprise move, he made a deal with the Argos.  The Argos have a rep for being the most frugal managers in the league. Argos, Ric Flair and MrRodgers have already clinched a playoff spot.  Myself and STEAMERS need every single point this week, just in case there is a tie-breaker.

To Argos – Rob Gronkowski TE NE, Adrian Peterson RB WASH
To EatADickKevin 2.0 – Tarik Cohen RB CHI, Sterling Shepard WR NYG, Greg Zuerlein K LAR, 2019 1st Round Pick
Recap: In what i consider a complete win for EatADick, he sells Gronk, who might not play at 100% this season, and might never be 100% again and AP who after this season is useless.  He gets a great PPR receiver in Tarik and another first round pick.

To Nothin Butt Fumble – Marcus Mariota, QB TEN & 5th Round Pick
To Skillfully Handsome – Jordan Howard RB CHI & 2nd Round Pick

To JayTop / Kevin Bottom – Lamar Miller RB HOU
To Nothin Butt Fumble – Payton Barber & 2 2019 2nd Round Picks
Recap: I really need to not only a bye week replacement but to make my running back depth better.  It was desperation and this is a must win week.

JayTop / Kevin Bottom 156.08 vs Skillfully Handsome 158.80
Recap: What came down to MNF and ultimately my fantasy season, the late fumble recovery for the Rams in the 4th all but sealed my faith.  To say I’m disappointed is an under statement.
AXE Capital 167.92 vs Ric Flair 157.36
Recap: AXE seems to be getting stronger down the stretch.
EatADickKevin 2.0 124.06 vs 80%Mental40%Physical 179.66
STEAMERS 187.02 vs MrRodgersNeighbourhood 151.40
Recap: This killed any chance of a comeback.  STEAMERS loses this game and i have hope, not so much anymore.
Nothin Butt Fumble 97.56 vs Argos 228.88
Recap: In what will defiantly be the beat down of the season, the Argos decided to flex and Butt fumbled played a complete egg.

Week 10

It’s Rivalry week.  This year yahoo gave the option to create a rivalry week and modify the match ups to pit those GMs that have a history and maybe some bad blood.

JayTop / KevinBottom 185.52 vs STEAMERS 179.10
Recap: In a must win week, I puled off a nail bitter.  Now both of us are tied for the last playoff spot. In a weird scheduling year, we play again the last week of the regular season.  Rumor is, Steamers might consider selling and not push for that last spot.
AXE Capital 205.90 vs Skillfully Handsome 127.42
Recap: In just a beat down, the skillfully slide continues, now 1-9.
MrRodgersNeighbourhood 168.68 vs EatADickKevin 2.0 198.80
Recap: In what was EatADick’s super bowl, he smashes his long time buddy by 30 and has rubbed it in his face any chance he gets, this one lived up to the term, rivalry.
80%Mental40%Physical 186.26 vs Nothin Butt Fumble 114.84
Recap: Just a brotherly beat down.  If it wasn’t for skillfully, Nothin Butt would be the bottom feeder of the league.
Argos 194.68 vs Ric Flair 177.48
Recap: In a battle of titans, the Argos finally played like a first play team and handed Ric Flair his second loss of the year.

Week 9

Another quiet week, no moves to report.

JayTop / Kevin Bottom 170.52 vs Ric Flair 174.98
Recap: This one hurt.  After trading my first and deciding to go for it, i finally score over 170 points only to lose by 4 1/2 points.
80%Physical40%Mental 179.38 vs AXE  Capital 195.54
MrRodgersNeighbourhood 183.00 vs Skillfully Handsome 114.22
Argos 123.24 vs EatADickKevin 2.0 109.58
Recap: Another week and another lucky win for the Argos.  He would have beat skillfully outside of his match up.
Nothin Butt Fumble 132.96 vs STEAMERS 160.18
 Steamers grabs the final playoff spot all to himself as of right now.  1 game ahead of me, but we do play each other twice in the last 4 weeks.

Week 8

To JayTop/Kevin Bottom – Leonard Fournette RB, JAX
To Skillfully Handsome – Alex Collins RB, BAL & 2019 1st Round Pick
Watching the Argos just skate by the last few weeks, i figure if i can get into 6th place, I can make some noise. I just got to do my part now and put together some wins.

JayTop / Kevin Bottom 121.82 vs 80%Mental40%Physical 182.30
MrRodgersNeighbourhood 213.94 vs AXE Capital 156.64
Argos 147.76 vs Skillfully Handsome 124.26
Recap: Argos lucks out this week, if he plays anyone else but myself and skillfully he loses.  
Nothin Butt Fumble 153.88 vs EatADickKevin 2.0 144.74
Recap: Nothin Butt Fumble gets his first W and EatADick continues to free fall.
Ric Flair 168.94 vs STEAMERS 155.72

Week 7

It took a big trade on Tuesday to start the dominos.  I was giving up on Cook ever getting healthy and had an abundance of RB2’s.  I knew Axe wasnt that high on DT and I was in need of a wide receiver.  Little did we know the chain reaction this was going to cause.

To Axe Capital – D. Cook RB, MIN & R. Jones RB, TB & Derrick Henry RB, TEN
To JayTop/Kevin Botton – D. Thomas WR, DEN & T. Burton TE, PHI & K. Johnson RB, DET

To Axe Capital – Julio Jones WR, ATL
To Nothin Butt Fumble – AJ Green WR, CIN & J. Edelman WR, NE

To STEAMERS – K. Johnson RB, DET & 2019 2nd Round
To JayTop/Kevin Bottom – P. Rivers QB, SD & Donte Foreman RB, HOU
I was looking to solidify my super flex position and I have holding on hope that the Packers realize that Aaron Jones is the best RB they have and start feeding him.  I was plugging in Collins and Breida and sitting on Chubb.  Taking advantage of the leagues lions fan, i figured i could get the most for Johnson here who will never get a goal line carry it seems like.

To STEAMERS – H. Hurst TE, BAL & 2019 3rd Round
To Argos – J. Reed TE, WASH & 5th Round

To Argos – A. Cooper WR, DAL 
To Nothin Butt Fumble – J. Graham TE, GB

To 80%Mental40%Physical – A. Jones & 2019 4th Round
To JayTop/KevinBottom – W. Fuller WR, HOU
On the night of the Hyde trade, I figured Chubb’s value could never be higher.  I couldn’t find anyone to over pay for the hype so i went back to 80%Mental knowing that he inquired on Jones earlier in the year.

JayTop/Kevin Bottom 132.20 vs MrRogersNeighbourHood 177.68
Argos 182.54 vs Axe Capital 148.62
Nothin Butt Fumble 171.40 vs Skillfully Handsome 169.06
STEAMERS 175.84 VS EatADickKevin2.0 125.32
Ric Flair 159.30 vs 80%Mental40%Physical 120.38

Week 6
There has to be a breaking point eventually in the league.  Separation will be here after this week and teams will have to be honest with themselves and decide if they are serious or sellers.  4 teams enter the week 1-4 or 0-5 at need wins this week.  Bye weeks are starting to become more and more of a factor, injuries are becoming more prominent.  Then we enter the point of the year were players will not go on the PUP but rather season ending IR.

JayTop / KevinBottom 128.84 vs Argos 193.20
AXE Capital 160.04 vs Nothin Butt Fumble 128.84
Skillfully Handsome 193.54 vs STEAMERS 195.50
EatADickKevin2.0 158.14 vs Ric Flair 185.06
MrRodgersNeighboorhood 213.44 vs 80%Physical40%Mental 89.48

Week 5

The second consecutive week has gone by without a trade.  I expect that will change with 3 teams that are still winless and they all are projected to lose in week 5.  I expect the action to start any minute. The last 2 undefeated teams face off this week, in the 80%Mental40%Physical vs Argos match up. 

JayTop / KevinBottom 155.84 vs Nothin Butt Fumble 142.54
Recap: Nothin Butt is turning into another bye week for teams, 0-5 and moving in the wrong direction fast.
STEAMERS 174.86 vs AXE Capital 156.92
Recap: Steamers gets his first W as AXE was fighting to find decent bye week replacements. 
Skillfully Handsome 162.72 vs EatADickKevin 2.0 173.12
Recap: In a big Sunday night comeback, a battle of 2 bitter rivals gives the league some of the best entertainment on the chat of the year. When will skillfully start to sell, the entire league knows he’s dying to wheel and deal.
80%Mental40%Physical 106.74 vs Argos 140.90
Recap: The battle of 4-0 undefeated teams, did NOT live up to the hype.  In a match up where these teams would have lost to almost the entire league, Argos managed to stay undefeated.  
Ric Flair 211.94 vs Mr RodgersNeighborhood 194.42
Recap: Defiantly the best match up of the week.  Ric Flair stated his dominance yet again.  And Mr. Rodgers can’t catch a break. 

Week 4

In a very quiet week, everyone stayed mum and no trades were made.  Trade baits were updated, trade offers sent, but no deals. There will be at least 1 4-0 team at the end of the week of the battle of undefeated teams, Argos and Mr. Rodgers square off.  We also get the first instalment of the family feud, as there will be no brotherly love between Nothin Butt Fumble and 80%Mental40&Physical

JayTop/Kevin Bottom 180.36 vs STEAMERS 162.56
Recap: Kupp started the week putting up 39.25 points on TNF and Steamers could never recover. The question now, when does the fire sale start? 0-4 will be tough to come back from in any league.
AXE Capital 135.02 vs EatADickKevin 2.0 125.62
Recap: In the lowest scoring match up of the week, EatA.. managed to have his bench outscore his starters again.  When will EatA.. finally start to shop around Bell? He already has 2 2019 1st round picks, could he get another pair?
Skillfully Handsome 166.98 vs Ric Flair 215.42
 Skillfully had his best offensive outing of the year, but it still wasn’t enough.  Ric Flair managed to outscore his projection by over 50 points.
Nothin Butt Fumble 139.26 vs 80%Mental40%Physical 206.60
: This game was so out of hand.  80% rolls to 4-0 and nothin sits at 0-4. Nothin sits in last place as he has the least amount of points scored.  This could easily be another fire sale situation. 
Argos 230.48 vs MrRodgersNeighbourhood 188.12
Recap: In a battle of 3-0 titans, Argos scorches MrRodgers and remains undefeated. MrRodgers suffered a giant goose egg when Watkins left the game Monday.  Davis 33+ point on the bench will haunt him. 

Week 3

Trades – In a very quiet week, there was just the one.  It should be interesting next Tuesday as at least one team will be 0-3 and 2 teams that will be 3-0, will teams become sellers and top teams look for separation? In a weird league vote, 6 of 10 teams make the play-offs.  Even if i’m the 0-3 team, I won’t be selling.

To Argos – Golden Tate
To Butt Fumble – Lamar Miller

JayTop/Kevin Bottom 185.04 vs KevinEatADick 2.0 127.24
Recap: I get my first win and in ‘The League’ like Ruxion stinker tinker, Sunday morning I took out Crowder from my flex and put it in Ridley, and wow did the ever turn out for me.  2.0 never had a chance, even with AP on the bench, it shouldn’t have been enough to make this match up close.
Skillfully Handsome 138.16 vs AXE Capital 182.38
: AXE just dominates top to bottom, Skillfully now has the least amount of points, but at least has a win.
Nothin Butt Fumble 127.98 vs MrRodgersNeighborhood 169.66
: In another one sided match up, there wasn’t much Butt Fumble could have done.  Mr Rodgers continues his early undefeated season.
STEAMERS 143.06 vs 80&Mental40%Physical 195.04
Recap: Sticking with the one sided theme, 80%Physical is now 3-0 and has the most points in the league.  In a complete 180 from last season, i don’t think 80% mental won 3 games all year.  Steamers is one of three winless teams.
Argos 167.88 vs Ric Flair 132.94
Recap: None of this makes sense anymore.  Argos is 3-0 and slayed the defending back to back champ.

Week 2

Trades – A few smaller trades went down between the end of week 1 games and the Thursday nighter.  No big ‘blockbuster’ like deals, but I managed to pull off another.

To Axe Capital – Trey Burton
To Skillfully Handsome – Sony Michel

To Steamers – Chris Hogan
To Skillfully Handsome – Robby Anderson

To Jay Top / Kevin Bottom – Calvin Ridley & 2019 2nd Round Pick
To Argos – Jarvis Landry 

Jay Top / Kevin Bottom 139.24 vs Skillfully Handsome 147.06
: This one hurt, Leaving Breida on my bench and playing and flexing Crowder over him, really, really hurt.  Now I’m 0-2 after being favourited in both weeks.  Skillfully got a huge game out of JuJu which helped propel him to the victory.
Ric Flair 171.46 vs AXE Capital 166.42
Recap: The battle of the titans went down this week and Ric Flair got the best of the match up yet again.  Will someone please beat this guy this year.  A huge game by Big Ben greatly helped Flair get over Axe this week.  This can easily be a preview of yet another finals.
Argos 178.14 vs Nothin Butt Fumble 160.66
Recap: Another big week from a QB helped a team win.  Argos had Cam and Gordon both get more than 30 points.  Keenan Cole on Butt Fumble’s bench would have been the difference from a win to a loss.
Steamers 123.14 vs MrRogersNeighbourhood 178.28
: Talk about laying an egg, Steamers did just that.  In a very questionable decision, Steamers benched both Chiefs.  Mahommes and Kelce, i can almost guarantee this decision will not be made again.  Mr Rodgers’ bench would have beaten Steamers this week.  It seemed that it didn’t matter who Mr Rodgers played, he was winning. 
EatADick Kevin 2.0 134.24 vs 80%Mental40%Physical 203.64
 80% Mental is just doing that to start the season, playing mental.  Averaging over 200 points a week, any one in his path will be beat.  In unlikely duo of Bortles of Cousins, seem to be skyrocketing Mental to the top of the standings.  EataDick never had a chance, starring at an 0-2 start and Bell on his bench, he should be interesting to see if he makes any moves out of desperation.

Week 1

Jay Top / Kevin Bottom (Sea of Japan) 143.50 vs Axe Capital 156.10
Both managers played basically their optimal line ups, not any big regrets, just Jay/Kevin had Kupps 17.8 points on the bench while Crowder took up a flex spot and scored just 6.2 points, would have made the match up even closer but not enough to change the outcome.

Skillfully Handsome 109.90 vs 80%Mental40%Physical 220.00
Recap: In what could easily be the most points 80%Mental has scored in 3 years, it didn’t matter who Skillfully played.
MrRogersNeighbourhood (Kevin) 215.46 vs EatADickKevin 2.0 150.44
Recap: In what is always a fun match up between these 2 rivals, MrRogers got the first strike for 2018.  Once again in a lopsided affair, it didn’t matter who EatADick played.

Argos 180.58 vs Steamers 173.00
Recap: Welcome to the league Steamers and your first lost. In a match up of legendary tinkerers, neither managed any outlandish last minute moves.  Steamers decision to play Kelce over Reed was his demise, but who are you kidding, 99% of fantasy managers make the same decision.

Ric Flair 153.28 vs Nothin Butt Fumble 141.56
Recap: The 2 newbies manage to go 0-2 as 2 time defending champ, Ric Flair starts his season right where he left off. Ric Flair had 44 points on his bench between Golladay and Akeler but fortunate enough to play Nothin Butt Fumble, he didn’t have any regrets.