2022-23 World Junior Hockey Pick’em Pool

$20 / Entry
Unlimited Entries Allowed

Hosted on officepools.com
Email therealyateman@gmail.com for invite

80% to First $180 Bakesy
20% to Second $20 DougL
Note: In the event there is a tie for 1st, there will be no second place prize

100% of the Pot Paid to the Winners $200


Payment Options
E-mail transfer to TheRealYateman@gmail.com
Paypal – TheRealYateman@gmail.com

Entry Due: Monday December 26, 2022 11am EST
Point System

Round Robin – 1 Point
Quarter-Finals – 2 Points
Semi-Finals – 3 Points
Bronze Medal – 2 Points
Gold Medal – 4 Points

*Your pick is due before the start of every game.