Group Breakdown 

Group A
Nothing jumps out to me here. The home team Russia sits at +187 to win the group and -200 to qualify to Round 2.  I’ll pass on both. Even being in an ‘easy’ draw, it’s hard to put any money on Russia. I will take Egypt to advance +125.

Group B
Big rivals Portugal and Spain are here. Makes for a great group game but doesn’t do much for future props. Spain -200 to win group and Portugal -450 to advance.  I’ll pass on this group too.

Group C
Does anyone have an easier cake walk than France? The big question is, who comes in second? Denmark or Peru? Sorry Australia, I don’t give you a chance. I will make a small play on Peru to Advance +200

Group D
OK let’s have some fun here. Argentina is aging but have the best player in the world. So what does that mean? If Messi has an off game can Argentina win? If Iceland (22nd Rank) can score and put together a Euro Cup like run they can advance. Is Nigeria really that much better? No. Can they still a point or even three against Croatia? Yes. Iceland to Advance +275 is defiantly worth a look. I however will not.

Group E
After France, Brazil has the 2nd easiest path out of group play. You could look at Switzerland to Advance +100. But I’m going to pass.

Group F
Germany is the easy pick here.  But Mexico to advance +110 is the play I’ll be making.  Mexico (15th Rank) just needs to get by Sweden and they should easily advance here.  A no stress hedge here would be playing Sweden to advance +125 as well.  You have to figure one of these two will advance.  Not sure South Korea will be a great test in this group.  Mexico to advance +110. Sweden to advance +125.  Great chance to make a small profit here.

Group G
If you can find a book that will let you parlay futures.  I would have to think Belgium and England should advance with ease in this group.  I’m not sure I can pick a winner between England and Belgium at this point. Belgium (-1000) and England (-800) to Advance -300.

Group H
Another opportunity to make a small profit here.  Colombia (16th Rank) and Poland (10th Rank) have very little competition in this group.  One of these 2 teams will win this group.  Colombia to Win the group +125.  Poland to Win the group +175. This should garner another small profit. But my favorite play in this group is Senegal to advance +125.

Key Props
Senegal to Advance Past Group Stage +125
Egypt to Advance Past Group Stage +125
Colombia win Group H +137
Peru to Advance Past Group Stage +200
France to Reach Final +275
Portugal to Reach Semi-Final +450
France and Germany Final +1400

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